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The RCIED threat

Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs) are proliferating in theatres of operation.

Often used in asymmetric conflicts by irregular combatants, they represent a real danger for civilian and military populations.

Mine explosions have become the leading cause of death for French soldiers in operations Serval and Barkhane combined.


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SPART – a key player in force protection

Whether in the battlefield or on home ground, SPART provides a protective radius around the user, ensuring maximum safety during operations.

With real-time listening capabilities, the system detects RCIEDs and generates effective jamming, preventing communication between the trigger and its remote control, leaving time for the demining teams to manage the device.

Its ultra-wide bandwidth and responsiveness make the SPART a unique reference solution in the fight against RCIEDs.

Easy to use and lightweight, the system can be worn directly on the intervention forces or on an embedded system such as a vehicle, robot or drone in remote mode.

The system offers 3 modes of operation

3 operating modes

Active mode : Active mode allows the programming of continuous jamming of specific frequencies and thus forms a protective bubble for the intervention team. This mode continuously emits radio frequency signals on the frequency bands programmed upstream of the operation.

Reactive mode : Reactive mode with 100% autonomous listening, detection and neutralisation. This mode allows the intervention team, using SPART, to listen to the environment and jam only when a threat is detected. Reactive mode uses very short periods of observation, which allows the team to search for new threats while jamming known active threats.

Hybrid mode :Hybrid mode is the combination of active and reactive modes, the two strengths of SPART technology, to ensure maximum safety for the intervention teams.


Technology Counter RCIEDs
Reactivity Immediate
Autonomy 1h
Protection Large coverage radius

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