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A safe airspace

The introduction of the UAV on the market has weakened the security of our airspace. In order to make them impervious to this threat, specific systems have been developed.

It has become necessary for the various entities to equip themselves with detection and neutralisation means adapted to guarantee the security of government and military operations, critical and sensitive infrastructures and public events.

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A system adapted to your needs

Because every structure/event is different, MAJES adapts to your security issues. Its high configurability allows you to keep control over important parameters :

  • Activation/deactivation of jamming on several or all frequency bands;
  • Independent transmitter power control for each frequency band;
  • Locking the maximum transmission power for each frequency band to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

The control of all these parameters is done via the interface integrated in a KVM drawer (keyboard, screen, mouse) directly on the MAJES or remotely via a multi-sensor PC/C2.


MAJES offers unprecedented performance and flexibility in lightweight, compact and modular 4U tactical containers. Multiple MAJES can be deployed in a network with an antenna configuration that adapts to your facility’s issues to avoid interference with your equipment.

A deployment adapted to your constraints

Several MAJES deployed in a network (Ethernet / optical connection) ensure the complete protection of the infrastructure and avoid the presence of shadow zones in the airspace.

The use of sectorial antennas makes it possible to direct the jamming signal towards the threat (detected outside the airport area) and thus to guarantee the proper functioning of airport equipment that would use frequencies similar to those of the UAVs.

In order to optimise the performance of the MAJES, it is advisable to couple it with a radar-type detection system. Thanks to the precision of the radar, which provides the azimuth, elevation, distance and speed of the threat, the sectors concerned by the threat can be selected automatically or manually via the C2 interface and thus jam the approaching threat(s).


Technology Non-destructive jamming
Antennas Omnidirectional | Sectorial | Directional
Swarm neutralisation Yes
Jamming bands 6 bands
Designed and Manufactured France

Major events we have secured

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