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Take back control of your airspace

In recent years, the spectral environment has become exponentially denser. Identifying potential threats in this environment has become a complex task.

Over the years, communication signals have evolved and become more complex, making traditional surveillance methods obsolete.

To address these issues and provide operators with the ability to detect important signals of interest in a crowded spectrum, MC2 Technologies has developed its MERCAT intelligent RF environment analysis system.

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A smart system for an evolving threat

It has become essential for infrastructures to regain control of their airspace. To help them in this process, MERCAT acts as a sentry that continuously analyses the RF environment to warn, within a short time, of the presence of one or more threats. Thanks to its built-in profile library, the system is able to identify the threat. Artificial intelligence algorithms reinforce the system for the detection of unlisted profiles.

Know better to act better

MERCAT provides information on the presence of one or more UAVs, allowing operators to trigger their security protocol (evacuation, infrastructure lockdown, etc.) and to implement defensive actions such as neutralisation (see NEROD/MAJES).

Several MERCAT can be deployed in a network to cover sites of all sizes and geometries in order to avoid shadow zones in the airspace to be protected. This solution can be integrated into a multi-sensor C2 and is part of our complete DNA DRONE solution that performs detection and neutralisation.


Technology RF analysis
Average range 5 km (depending on the environment and threat type)
UAV and remote control tracking Yes
Classification Yes
Swarm detection Yes
C2 multi-sensor integration Yes
Scalable Yes

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