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Performance in a compact system

Airspace is now affected by the challenges presented by UAVs. These low-cost technologies are misused for malicious purposes (espionage, smuggling, explosions, etc.).

In order to guarantee the security of infrastructures and events, anti-drone defence is being structured to provide an appropriate response to this particular threat.

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Performance at your fingertips

NEROD HG (HandGun) offers in a reduced size unprecedented jamming performance with its 3 frequency bands effective against the majority of commercial drones.

Designed for one-handed use, NEROD HG features a rugged design in the form of an ambidextrous one-piece gun containing the antennas and battery.

Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery for military use offers long autonomy. The user can change the battery in a matter of seconds.

NEROD HG’s emission cone allows it to be used without precise targeting of the threat.


Technology Non-destructive jamming
Antennas Directives
Swarm neutralisation Yes* (in the emission cone)
Jamming bands 3 bands
Designed and Manufactured France

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