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A solution to the UAV threat

UAVs threats are omnipresent, they are invading our skies. Not a single day goes by without sensitive private (Seveso-type), state and military infrastructures being illegally overflown.

Inexpensive, easily accessible and controllable, UAVs, although a source of opportunities in many fields (agriculture, rescue, etc.), represent a multifaceted threat (espionage, smuggling, explosive charges, etc.) which is growing exponentially.

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A unique combination of performance

NEROD RF is the result of close collaboration between end users and our engineers.

An ambidextrous monobloc system incorporating jamming modules, antennas and battery for a reduced total weight, it also has an electromagnetic shield that ensures the protection of its operators.

Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery for military use gives it great autonomy. The user only needs a few seconds to change it.

NEROD RF’s emission cone allows it to be used without precise targeting of the threat.

Jamming of communication protocols

Easily deployed in operations or for event security, NEROD RF is adapted to the threat of commercial UAVs.

Capable of transmitting on 7 frequency bands independently or simultaneously, NEROD RF generates powerful jamming signals against all sophisticated communication protocols used for piloting UAVs by an individual or by satellite when autopilot is activated.


Technology Non-destructive jamming
Antennas Directives
Swarm neutralisation Yes* (in the emission cone)
Jamming bands 7 bands
Designed and Manufactured France

Some major events we have secured

Demonstration of the NEROD RF for the PRoTECT project – Málaga

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