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Uncompromising security

In a world where the threat of terrorism is omnipresent, traditional security systems are reaching their limits and are no longer adapted to the ever increasing flows.

Sensitive infrastructures, major events and public places such as railway stations, airports, stadiums and other places with high reception capacities are the most vulnerable to this threat.

New means of control must be put in place to ensure the safety of individuals without creating disruption or delay that could alter the experience of individuals and represent a security risk through the creation of assembly points.

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MM-Imager – The camera that sees everything

Terahertz MM-Imager technology enables real-time, non-intrusive detection of a wide range of metallic and non-metallic weapons and objects while preserving the continuous flow of controlled people.

Using intelligent image analysis algorithms, MM-Imager is able to indicate the location of suspicious objects in real time to facilitate control during detection.

Its capabilities include the detection of metal objects, as well as liquids, solids, powdered products and other materials (colloids, ceramics etc.).




MM-Imager is a passive system, i.e. it does not emit any waves and therefore does not represent a danger for its users.

The human body emits in the frequency spectrum. In order to detect the information emitted by the body and thus highlight the objects worn by individuals, MC2 Technologies has developed ultra-sensitive sensors for millimetre waves (~ 90 GHz)

This technology has been the subject of several patent deposits.

Real-time detection

MM-Imager differs from all other detection systems by its state-of the-art performance, which allows it to detect objects on moving people.

Threats are displayed on the screen thanks to custom developed
image processing algorithms. These allow the operator to analyse and consider the threat.


Technology THz millimetric camera
Type Passive
Frame rate 10 FPS (real time)
Type of products detected Powder | Liquid | Ceramic | Metal | Silver | Colloid
Automatic detection Yes

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