The MM-Imager 90 is a passive camera, which allows to detect through the clothes all types of objects. This system responds to a dual application (civilian and military). It can be used to detect hidden objects at a very short distance (<2m) and at long distances (>10m).


The MM-Imager 90 is a millimeter-wave radiometric camera for people security checks. It is usable in a wide range of applications. The MM-Imager 90 technology developed by MC2 Technologies is based on innovative sensors that achieve high detection levels. This camera emits no radiation and can be very easily deployed for civil or military applications. The MM-Imager 90 is ideal at a security checkpoint for the detection of objects that are hidden under people’s clothes.

Detected materials :

Explosives and Drugs:

Liquids, solids, powders


Plastics, ceramics, metals

In both cases, the software offers two modes of operation

1- The radiometric image is displayed on the screen. The software analyzes the image and displays an alarm when objects are detected.
2- The radiometric image is not displayed. A so-called “visual” image is then exposed. This is a real image, with an automatic detection if an object is found.

MM-Imager 90 allows you to work in two different ways

1- The operator controls the camera with the built-in computer and the touch screen. He can physically see the scanned person.

2- The operator controls the camera remotely, using wireless network or TCP / IP. The supervisor is located in another room and cannot see the person at the checkpoint.