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The threat of commercial UAVs

UAVs threats are omnipresent, they are invading our skies. Not a single day goes by without sensitive private (Seveso-type), state and military infrastructures being illegally overflown. Inexpensive, easily accessible and controllable, UAVs, although a source of opportunities in many fields (agriculture, rescue, etc.), represent a multifaceted threat (espionage, smuggling, explosive charges, etc.) which is growing exponentially.


To guarantee the protection of infrastructures, events and people, it is becoming necessary to be equipped with suitable detection and neutralisation means.


In response to this challenge, MC2 Technologies has developed high-performance, state-of-the-art solutions, entirely engineered and manufactured in France, for the detection, identification and neutralization of commercial UAVs.

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Detection + Identification + Tracking

Whether alone or in swarms, UAVs represent a real breach in the security of the airspace of sensitive sites and major events, placing anti-UAV defence at the heart of the priorities.


Detection plays a crucial role in the process of neutralising UAVs. A global understanding of the threat allows us to provide an adapted solution, which is why we have developped our terahertz radar with Doppler and micro-Doppler analysis, MATIA, and our RF analyser MERCAT.

Our detection systems

RF Analyser

MERCAT monitors your RF environment and detects any intrusion by one or more malicious drones. The system provides the operator with the necessary […]


Based on Terahertz technology, MATIA is a radar capable of detecting UAVs with a surface area equivalent to […]



Once the threat is detected and identified, countermeasures can be put in place to manage it. We have developed a range of solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our neutralisation systems


A counter-UAV solution to protect your infrastructures / events. MAJES is adapted […]


A solution proven by the French armed forces and operational forces. NEROD RF has conquered the international market with more than 300 systems […]


An ultra-compact and lightweight anti-UAV solution for close protection. NEROD HG is suitable for use in […]


Payload carried by a UAV, Flyjam brings jamming to the heart of the threat in areas […]


A global solution – DNA-Drone

DNA-Drone is a global multi-sensor solution composed of three complementary technological bricks that interact via a command center.


MERCAT :As a genuine sentry, MERCAT continuously analyses the RF environment to
warn, within a short time, of the presence of one or more threats.


MATIA :Terahertz radar that combines Doppler and micro-Doppler analysis, MATIA
detects all types of UAVs, including small, autonomous (no RF emission)
and hovering ones.


MAJES:Used by the French armed forces, MAJES can neutralise UAV guidance systems
(GPS/GLONASS) and their communication links.