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About us

MC2 Technologies was born in 2004 when a doctor and his PhD decided to combine their knowledge in the service of security. The company was able to grow for three years within the IEMN incubator. In the early years, the company focused on microwave research and development, and became a leader in the radio frequency field.

In 2015, MC2 Technologies started to commercialize the first system resulting from their research. MC2 Technologies has a team of highly qualified doctors and engineers who are continuously improving the company’s technology.

The company now markets its products, offers various services and continues to participate in research and development projects to develop its products and create new systems.



Asia & Africa


France & Europe

Sales of 2 million in 2016 with a workforce of 27 people

Today the company continues to grow and has nearly 40 people with a target of 120 people in early 2020.