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T/R Modules

MC2 Technologies develops high-performance transmitter and receiver modules (T/R modules) in W-band. The company T/R modules are ultra-compact, very light and have a low power-consumption.

T/R modules designs allows various applications such as Radar (with an IF-Band: 5.2-5.6 GHz and a RF-Band: 92-94 GHz) or broadband Telecom (with an IF-Band: 0.5-10 GHz and a RF-Band: 90-100 GHz).

Designed to meet customer specifications, we can adapt to specific requirements.


SpecificationsMinimum ValueTypical ValueMaximum ValueUnits
RF frequency Bandwidth9294GHz
IR frequency Bandwidth5,25,45,6GHz
LO input frequency bandwith10,82511,075GHz
RF input power at 1dB compression-25dBm
LO input power9,51010,5dBm
Noise figure66,3dB
Signal Gain22,322,823,3dB