Static and pulsed IV measurement up to 1 000 V / 20 A

Static and pulsed IV measurements provided by MC2 Technologies are perfectly adapted to characterize FET, bipolar transistors or diodes used for linear or nonlinear applications (LNA, PA, DC/DC converters…). IV measurements under pulsed conditions are well suited to analyze thermal and trapping effects as well as for electrical modelling.

Pulsed IV

  • Up to 200V-4A – Pulse width down to 200ns
  • Up to 600V-20A – Pulse width down to 1µs
  • Up to 1000V-20A – Pulse width down to 1µs

Static IV

  • Up to 1000V-5A


Example of a ID(VD,VG) characteristics of GaN FET measured under pulsed condition up to 600V and 20A

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