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SMM Calibration Kit

Our kits enable a precise calibration of Scanning Microwave Microscopes.

The device is made up various gold pads residing on silicon oxide steps with different heights, composed by 208 locus of 4 standards.

  • Back end metallization (Ti/Au)
  • Ebeam front end contacts metallization circular gold pads (diameter: 6μm, 4μm, 2μm, 1μm) bi layers, Ti /Au. Au makes the contact area more independent of the exact tip shape and therefore more reliable with no oxidation problem.
  • Calibration kit reported on magnetic tab


Substrate information

· Silicon (1-0-0) P type
· Thickness: 325-375µm
· Resistivity: 0.01-1 Ohm.cm


A scientific article published in the journal “Nanomaterials” by our partner LNE (Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais) analyses the interest of calibration samples made by MC2-Technologies for the calibration and quantification of electrical measurements of capacitances and dielectric constants at the nanometric scale in the microwave regime using the SMM. It can be consulted here