As part of the fight against terrorism, MC2-Technologies has chosen to use its know-how in the development of microwave imaging systems dedicated to the detection of hidden objects. This R & D program led to the “MM-Imager” technology currently being deployed in Europe and Asia for the security of public places (railway stations, subways, airport halls, shopping centers, etc.) or sensitive sites. (Seveso sites, nuclear power stations, embassies …).




MM-Imager 90

the MM-Imager, a microwave imaging system dedicated to the detection of hidden objects worn by people, in real time. This camera is totally passive and emits no waves on the human body.

UAV Scrambler

Two systems were developed, a fixed omnidirectional as well as a mobile antennas directives. These systems make it possible to neutralize the drones in flights and to interrupt the communication with the pilot, so that the drone can be out of state of harm.