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Intermodulation up to 40 GHz

MC2 Technologies provides intermodulation measurements to analyse the linear behaviour of two ports devices. The linearity bench has a high dynamic to measure the components under small or large signal without modifying the architecture of the setup. The study can be done by varying the load impedance at the output of the device for a constant input or output power. Memory effects can be studied by modifying the cut off frequency of the used bias tees and/or the impedance presented by the DC power supplies.

Intermodulation measurement

  • Under microwave probes or in fixture
  • Bandwidth: 100MHz – 40GHz
  • Minimum frequency distance: 100kHz
  • Measured vector values @ each harmonic: S11, S21, ZL, ZS
  • Measured scalar values: Pin, Pout, GP, GT, PAE, voltages, currents

Example of two tones results for F1=24GHz and F2=24.01GHz measured on a PHEMT @ Pout=cst. Evolution of IMR3, IMR5, IMR7, GP, PAE, ID vs ZLoad