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Nicolas Vellas and Christophe Gaquière had been knowing each other for a long time when they decided to join forces to create MC2 Technologies.

Pr. Christophe Gaquière obtained his doctorate in electronics from Lille University in 1995. He is currently a university professor at Lille University, and continues his research activities within the IEMN (Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology), whilst monitoring the activities of MC2 Technologies.

Christophe Gaquière

Technical Expert, MC2 Technologies

Dr Nicolas Vellas completed his thesis at the IEMN in the field of microwave characterization of power transistor in GaN technology. He obtained in 2003 his doctorate with honor from Lille University. That same year, he won « the company within the reach of all » organized by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry rewarding the creation of innovative technology company for students. He also won several other French competitions for the creation of an innovative technology company.

Nicolas Vellas

President, MC2 Technologies