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Electrical Modelling

MC2 Technologies offers a microwave device electrical modelling service. The company has developed accurate linear and nonlinear modelling approaches using a large panel of DC and microwave measurements. Electrical modelling can be based on several types of models (EES, black box, empirical, neuronal…) depending on the requests of our customers. Electrical existing models can be customized by MC2 Technologies.


  • Components and systems Modelling & Design
  • Transistors, diodes, passive structures
  • Applications: LNA, PA, Mixer, Switch
  • Wide measurement panel: Sij, static, noise, power, linearity

Compatible models

  • ADS
  • AWR

Kind of models

  • Equivalent Electrical Scheme (EES), Black box, Empirical, Neuronal
  • Mixed electrical models (EES + Neuronal networks)
  • Physical effects taken into account
  • Self-heating, traps memory, frequency dispersion