Drone Jammer

In the fight against terrorism, interfering systems have been developed. Indeed, considering drones as a growing threat and increasingly dangerous, solutions had to be found.

Sensitive areas as well as various events must be protected from overflights of drones that may contain an explosive charge or other dangerous elements.

Below are the different systems that are proposed for various uses:

The Nerod F5 is a portable drone jammer system. It can scramble up to 5 frequencies simultaneously or separately. Possessing the lightest weight in our range, the entire jamming system is contained in the rifle.

The scrambler 1000 is composed of omnidirectional antennas and allows for a bubble of protection around a site with a range of hundreds of meters. This is a fixed system and can be adjusted to different frequency bands.

The RJS is the fixed scrambling system. Positioned on sensitive areas, it can have several antennas; either directionals that only switch on when a funny is detected or omni-directional antennas, which will form a bubble of portection all around a site.