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Bias Tees

MC2 Technologies presents a range of microwave products from DC up to millimeter-wave frequencies dedicated to low and/or high-power applications. Bias tees are used to inject DC current into the RF signal without disturbing it.

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Designed to meet customer specifications, we can adapt to specific requirements. Several standard options are listed below.
Part numberFrequency (GHz)Max Voltage (Volts)Max curent (A)Insertion Loss (dB)Return Loss (dB)Power (Watts)DC Port ConnectorRF+DC Port ConnectorRF Port Connector
MC2-BT-03610470.3-6100/200/400 (customizable)70.5 typ-20 typ ; -15 max10BNC/SMA (customisable)SMASMA
MC2-BT-0163470.1-6100/200/400 (customizable)70.5 typ-20 typ ; -15 max3BNC/SMA (customisable)SMASMA
MC2-BT-0165230.1-6100/200 (customizable)30.5 typ-20 typ ; -15 max5BNC/SMA (customisable)SMASMA
MC2-BT-0365650.3-6100/200/400/600 (customizable)50.5 typ-20 typ ; -15 max5BNC/SMA (customisable)SMASMA
MC2-BT-03185230.3-18100/200 (customizable)30.75 typ-20 typ ; -15 max5BNC/SMA (customisable)SMASMA
MC2-BT-01182230.1-18100/200 (customizable)30.75 typ-20 typ ; -15 max2BNC/SMA (customisable)SMASMA
MC2-BT-0025403110.025-4010011.2 typ-15 typ3MCX (customisable)2.4/2.92 (customisable)2.4/2.92 (customisable)
MC2-BT-00350120250.03-501000.251 typ-15 typ1MCX (customisable)2.42.4