Nerod F5









NEROD F5 is a microwave jammer capable of disrupting and neutralizing all communication protocols used by drones. The product is based on a portable rifle offering great flexibility for operators in terms of detection, tracking and neutralization.

This system makes it possible to use jamming in a timely manner, at a specific location. What make this possible are the directional antennas inside the rifle. The user has to aim for the drone to neutralize it.


  • Our devices are efficient against frequency hopping. Moreover, our expertise enables us to perform an optimal scrambling in the strictly desired bandwidth.
  • UAV scrambling: Cuts the communication signal between the UAV and the pilot’s remote control. This makes the pilot unable to direct the drone.
  • This system is effective against UAVs, IEDs and various communication protocols
  • The system is completely harmless to the user – Test DREP performed



The UAV jammer is an easily transported equipment dedicated to the counter-UAV protection of critical areas and buildings.

When the target is aimed at, the user just has to press a button.