Scrambler 300

Faced to the growing threat of UAVs, MC2-Technologies developed a manual equipment capable for jamming every telecommunication protocols between a drone and its remote. The UAV scrambler is a nomad equipment dedicated to critical areas and buildings protections against UAVs. The user carries the UAV scrambler in a back bag and aims its target with the microwave gun. When the target is acquired, the user only has to turn on the jamming.

Scrambler 300
UAV jamming

Critical areas protection

Nomad interventions

Fichier 5bis

Fichier 4bis

Specifications : 

Dimension : 23.5 × 12.5 × 35 cm

Weight : > 14 kg

Battery duration : 

  • 60 hours on Standby mode
  • 2.5 hours on operating mode

Easy to use and maintenance

ParameterTypical Rating
Operating modesManual
Type of systemTelecommunication jamming
List of EquipmentMulti frequency range scrambler
Wide band antennas ( barrel of the rifle )
Long-range multifunction binocular
H2 and H3 rejection>50dB
Rejection @ 10MHz>30dB
Detection distances500m based on the use of the long-range multifunction binocular
UAV dimensions0.3*0.3m2 at 500m
Scrambling distance150-300m
Depending on the adjusted emitted power and on the countries laws
Output powerAdjustable following the distance, depending on frequencies and countries laws
PackageMicrowave riffle + multi frequency range generators placed in a 20L Bag
Dimensions without antennas23.5*12.5*35cm
UAV riffle150*25*25cm
WeightLess than 14 kg
SupplyBattery ( 8h ) and main power supply