Scrambler 1000

Evolution from the UAV Scrambler 300 and dedicated to combat drones, this equipment will be able to jam all the telecommunication frequencies up to 1km coupled with an automatic day and night detection up to 2km.

UCAV Scrambler
UAV jamming

Critical areas protection

Associated with a complete turret system

Directed energy weapon

Fichier 6bis


Operating mode :

  • Detection : radar
  • Identification and tracking : IR and visible immager
  • Distance of the target : range finder
  • Neutralization by jamming
ParameterTypical Rating
Operating modesManual and Automatic
Type of systemTelecommunication jamming
List of equipmentMulti frequency range scrambler
H2 and H3 rejection>50dB
Rejection @ 50 MHzL Band > 30 dB
C Band > 25 dB
S Band > 10 dB
Output powerAdjustable following the distance, depending on frequencies and countries laws
Package5U Rack
Weight35 kg
SupplyMain power supply