Recovery time


MC2-Technologies has developed an innovative solution to accurately measure the recovery time of two ports devices. The architecture of the setup has been optimised to measure versus time the electrical characteristics of the device under test during and after the agression without losing information between both states. These measurements can be done by adjusting the load impedance presented at the output of the device.

 Recovey time

  • Under microwave probes or in fixture
  • Bandwidth : 100MHz – 18GHz
  • Pulse width range : 1µs to 10ms
  • Minimum time step : 10ns
  • Duty cycle : 1-50%
  • Measured vector values versus time : S11, S21, ZL, ZS
  • Measured scalar value versus time :Pin, Pout, GP, GT, PAE, voltages and currents

Example of recovery time measurement on a wide band gap device. PW=1µs, duty cycle=10%, F=10GHz, Compression level =40dB