Pulsed IV system up to 1000V


Nowadays pulsed IV measurements are the preferred method for capturing current-voltage characteristics of active devices like field effect and bipolar transistors for nonlinear modelling and/or physical analysis. Pulsed IV characteristics allow thermal and trap effects studying making this method suitable for power microwave transistors or amplifiers based on new semiconductor technologies (wide band gap). APMS2014RA is a full automated pulsed IV/RF measurement setup and has been developed by experts in modelling and microwave characterization of MC2- Technologies.

MC2-Technologies offers three versions of its pulser system from 110 to 1000 V, from 4 to 20 Amp.



Intelligent software
• Intuitive GUI
• Batch available (autonomous system)
• Several modes of convergence
• Several modes of pulsed conditions
• Pulse profile
Two compact pulsers available
• High power : APMS-HPM
• Low power: APMS-LPM
• Very compact pulsers designed to be placed closer to the DUT (on probe station)
• Pulser architecture designed for overshoots reduction
High voltage filter
• Drive negative current
• Electronic Fuse

Max Voltage+/- 110V+/- 600V+/- 1000V+/- 12V+/- 20V
Max Current Pulsed+/- 4A+/- 20A+/- 20A40mA200mA
Max Current DC+/- 4A+/- 5A+/- 5A40mA200mA
Max Error (Range)5% '+/- 1mA5% '+/- 1mA5% '+/- 1mA5% '+/- 20uA5% '+/- 40uA
Typical Error1% '+/- 0.2mA1% '+/- 0.2mA1% '+/- 0.2mA1% '+/- 10uA1% '+/- 20uA
Max DC Power440W3kW3.3kW400mW4W
Max pulsed Power440W12kW12kW400mW4W
Min Pulse Width (DUT depending)300ns1us5us300ns500ns
Max Pulse WidthNo limitsNo limitsNo limitsNo limitsNo limits
Min Duty Cycle0%0%0%0%0%
Max Duty Cycle100%100%100%100%100%
Voltage resolution18mV25mV70mV1.5mV2.5mV
ADC resolution16 Bits16 Bits16 Bits16 bits16 Bits
Voltage Tr (DUT depending)<100ns<100ns<1us20-50ns50-100ns
Voltage Tf (DUT depending)<100ns<100ns<1us20-50ns50-100ns
Output impedance<5 Ohm<2 Ohm<1 Ohm70 Ohm50 Ohms