Multi-Harmonic loadpull


MC2-Technologies has developed multi-harmonic active loadpull setups to characterize two ports devices under large signal conditions. The loadpull approach has been improved following the frequency of interest, the maximum output power and the mismatch of the devices. The loadpull bench can work following several settings:

► Only in active setting for small devices at high frequency (>8GHz)

► Only in passive for large devices (>30W) at frequency below 18GHz

► In mixed mode using the active and passive capabilities

 Multi-Harmonic loadpull (passive and/or active)

  • Under microwave probes or in fixture
  • Matching only @ F0 up to 50GHz
  • Matching @ F0 and 2F0 (or 3F0) up to F0=18GHz
  • Measured vector values @ each harmonic: S11, S21, ZL, ZS
  • Measured scalar values: Pin, Pout, GP, GT, PAE, voltages, currents