MM-Imager security applications


MC2-Technologies has developed an innovative technology of radiometric sensor with the support of the French MoD (DGA), OSEO and the European commission through the project FP7 EFFISEC. This passive technology has led to the development of two mobile radiometric cameras presenting the state of the art in term of sensitivity.

MM-Imager90 is dedicated to detect hidden objects  under people’s clothes or to visualize the luggage contents. This system responds to dual applications (civil and military). Indeed, it can be used to detect hidden objects through people’s clothes at very short (<2m) and “longer” (>10m) distances.


MM-Imager30 has been designed to detect the presence of people in a building through walls. This system can work up to 10 m through various materials (plaster, fabric, wood, brick, fiberglass…). The camera can be used during hostage taking to locate the hostage taker and/or to determine the number of hostages.