MM-Imager 90

MM-Imager90 is dedicated to detect hidden objects  under people’s clothes or to visualize the luggage contents. This system responds to dual applications (civil and military). Indeed, it can be used to detect hidden objects through people’s clothes at very short (<2m) and “longer” (>10m) distances.

MM-Imager aéroport
No emitted radiation

Doubt removal

Unattended luggage analysis

Hidden objects detection

Radiometric image gun knife

Easily deployable

MM-Imager90 is a millimeter wave radiometric camera for people screening usable in a wide range of applications. The MM-Imager technology developed by MC2-Technologies is based on innovative sensors to reach high detection levels. This camera doesn’t emit any radiation and can be deployed very easily for civil or military applications. MM-Imager90 is perfectly adapted for the detection of hiddenobjects under the clothes of people arriving at a checkpoint.


MM-Imager90 can work following two main approaches:


  1. The operator can control the camera by using the embedded computer and the touch screen. The operator is close to the camera and can physically see the people present at the checkpoint. The software offers two operation modes:
    • The radiometric image is displayed on the screen. The software analyses the image and displays an alarm when hidden objects are detected (assists the operator)
    • The radiometric image is not displayed (no ethical issue). The software displays a human shape and the areas where suspicious objects have been detected


  1. The operator can control the camera using wireless or TCP/IP networks. The operator is located in another room and cannot physically see the people present at the checkpoint (no ethical issue). The software offers both same operation modes previously presented.
Wide field of view

Remotely controllable

Assists the operator in the decision

Time for operator training reduced


Checkpoints: Airports, borders,  prisons, nuclear power plants,military check points, seaports, courts of justice, stadium…

Unattended luggage: Airports, underground, train station…

Packages controls: Post,transporters…

Detected materials

Explosives & drugs: Liquids,   solids, powders, precursors

Weapons: Plastics, ceramics, metals

Working distances

Adjustable focus: 1 to 10m

Field of view @ 2.5m: 2x1m²


MM-Imager90 presents the following characteristics:

• H: 880mm, L: 550mm, l: 500mm
• Weight : 40-45kg followings the options
• Easily deployable
• No radiation emission : safely
• Several cameras can work together without interference
Range of working distance: 1 – 10 m
Field of view @ 2.5m: 2x1m²
Resolution @ 2.5m: 2.5cm
Adjustable parameters:
• Average number in order to adjust the sensitivity
• Pixel size : modification of the resolution
• Frame rate (depends on average, pixel size and scan speed):
Ex: Frame rate = 1f/s with average= 2, pixel size =1x2cm², scan speed = max

number of pixels= 200×50

• Focus : choice of the working distance
• Image improvement (contrast, color scale, filtering…)
Embedded computer:
• Touch screen (8 inches)
• HDMI outputs for plugging external screens
• USB 2.0, RJ45
Power supply:
• 220V/50Hz, 10V/60Hz or battery
Operating temperature: -40 to 40°C
Remotely controllable using the wireless or TCP/IP networks