MM-Imager 30

MM-Imager30 has been designed to detect the presence of people in a building through walls. This system can work up to 10 m through various materials (plaster, fabric, wood, brick, fiberglass…). The camera can be used during hostage taking to locate the hostage taker and/or to determine the number of hostage

Localization of persons in buildings

Time for operator training reduced

Viewing the shape of the person

See through walls

Remotelly controllable



  Localization of persons in a building


Materials passed through


  Plastic, fabric, plaster, brick, wood,   concrete, fiberglass



Working distances


  Adjustable focus : 1 to 10m

  Field of view @ 2.5m: 2x1m


Thickness of the materials passed through


Depend on materials, moisture and temperature:

Ex: Plaster wall for a moisture rate below 20% and a temperature 25°C, thickness > 15cm



MM-Imager30 presents the following characteristics:

• H: 880mm, L: 550mm, l: 500mm
• Weight : 40-45kg depending on options
• Easily deployable
• No radiation emission : safely
• Several cameras can work together without interference
Range of working distance: 1 – 10 m
Field of view @ 2.5m: 2x1m²
Resolution @ 2.5m: 15cm
Adjustable parameters:
• Average number in order to adjust the sensitivity
• Pixel size : modification of the resolution
• Frame rate (depends on average, pixel size and scan speed):
• Focus : choice of the working distance
• Image improvement (contrast, color scale, filtering…)
Embedded computer:
• Touch screen (8 inches)
• HDMI outputs for plugging external screens
• USB 2.0, RJ45
Power supply:
• 220V/50Hz, 10V/60Hz or battery
Operating temperature: -40 to 40°C
Remotely controllable using the wireless or TCP/IP networks

Visualization of a person through a brick wall (left :  real picture of a man behind the wall, right: image of a man through the wall