Medium and low noise amplifiers


MC2-Technologies presents a range of microwave products from DC up to millimeter wave frequencies dedicated to low and/or high power applications. The product list is given hereafter by category. Custom products can also be developed. For more details, please contact us.



ReferenceBW (GHz)P1dBMin (dBm)GPLinMin (dB)NF (dB)Input and output matching (dB)RF-Connectors IN/OUTDatasheet
LNA05-2G0.5 - 22050< 0.8< -10SMA/SMA
LNA05-6G0.5 - 6914<3<-11SMA/SMA
LNA26-43G26 - 431019<3.5<-10K/K
MPADC-40GDC - 401813<6<-12K/K
LNA005W80-100G80 - 100-20< 5.5<-10WR10/WR10