Below, here is a video of the results that the company obtains thanks to all the evolutions created within the framework of the project SPIDERS.


This video is the result of the SPIDERS project, the result is visible on the back screen of the system.

The SPIDERS system works in real time, there is no discrepancy between the movements of the person and the millimetric image

The solution detects all types of objects and materials. The person on the video carries a weapon, a grenade, a bottle of water and his wallet.

The system has two modes of operation:

– A Collaborative mode:

A checkpoint at a standstill; people are scanned at a standstill, they are asked to perform a turn on themselves to be scanned over 360 °

– A No Collaborative mode:

People walk along a corridor where two cameras are positioned at the ends of it.

People are scanned face, back or side in real time.
This makes it possible to detect in real time the presence of suspicious objects.