Microwave Shield Meter

The Microwave Shield Meter ( MSM ) system is designed to measure the electromagnetic shield from 1 to 3 GHz. It perfectly suits to evaluate the shielding effectiveness of military and strategic buildings. The system is controlled by computer with a dedicated and user friendly software. The system is composed by the MSM-REC ( receptor, RX ) and the MSM-EM ( emitter, TX ).

The MSM does not use any optic, wire or wireless communication between the RX and the TX modules to work. This specific aspect allows to measure the shielding effectiveness even in the telecommunication frequencies.



No optic, wire or wireless telecommunication needed between emitter and receptor

High rejection of the ambient microwave pollution

Sensitivity : − 80 dBm

Maximum measurable attenuation : 95 dB

3 levels of output power

No calibration standard needed

Up to 5 measurements per second

Useable up to 20m, real time measurement

Frequency band1-3 GHz
Maximum output power emitted by the MSM-EM31 dBm
Minimum output power emitted by the MSM-EM10 dBm
Maximum detected power by the MSM-REC-6 dBm
Minimum detected power by the MSM-REC-80 dBm
Main power supply220/230 V
50/60 Hz
Consumed power13W
Using temperature0 ; +40°C
Storage temperature-20 ; +85°C
Front panel RF connectorsFemale SMA
Package dimension360*234*121 mm
Battery autonomy ( full charged )4h
Maximum input power for the MSM-REC+16dBm