Harmonic Active Loadpull System up to 40GHz


MC2-Technologies offers a Multi-harmonic active loadpull system working in the frequency range 1 – 40GHz. This setup is based on a vector network analyser associated with a specific millimeter wave test set and three high power amplifiers developed by MC2-Technologies. The active loadpull system is perfectly adapted to characterize high power transistors under probes, in fixture or in package. It is based on an elaborated software offering a wide spectrum of measurement possibilities.


Loadpull testbench


Active loadpull testset


Circle measurement


Power measurement


► Intelligent software

♦ Critical smith chart area determination

♦ Advanced convergence approaches (critical chart area avoided)

♦ Device safety

♦ Batch available (autonomous system)

– S parameters, I=f(V)

– Pout=f(Pin) @ ΓL(F0,2/3F0) constant

– Circle @ Pinj=cst, ΓL(F0) constant or Pinj, ΓL(2/3F0) constant

► Ultra wide band test set module (GPIB)

♦ Bandwidth @ f0: 1-40GHz

♦ Bandwidth @ f0 with matching @ 2f0: 2-18GHz

♦ CW or pulsed condition

– Pulse width min<1µs, Duty Cycle min<1%

♦ Max power handling in CW : 20W up to 18GHz, 10W > 26GHz

♦ Max power handling in pulsed condition depends on duty cycle :

– Ex: > 100W for duty cycle = 10% and PW=100µs

► Vector measurements of S11’, S21’, GL(@ f0and 2f0)

► Currents, voltages, injected input power measured

► GP, PAE, POUT, PE, Pabs calculated from measurements

► Very good accuracy thanks to a full vector calibration

► Reduction of DUT instability at low frequency

► No variation of the load @ F0 by adjusting the load @ 2f0

► For transistors FET or HBT in fixture or under RF probes

► No Matching limitation :

♦ Up to 18GHz @ Poutmax= 10W

♦ Up to 26GHz @ Poutmax= 4W

♦ Up to 40GHz @ Poutmax= 1W