Fast Electronic Fuse


The Fast electronic fuse (E-Fuse) From MC2-Technologies allows to prevent test benches units from high current. It is especially developed to protect the Microwave and DC probes and can be widely used in all other overcurrent sensitive applications.

Please Note: The FAST Electronic Fuse must not be considered as an user protection.


Technical specifications

CW current+/- 10A
Peak current+/- 20A
Serial resistor[1]< 0.3Ohms
Switching time « On > Off »200-300ns
Accuracy of the current limits[2]+/-0.2A +/-5%A
Accuracy of the current screening[3]+/-0.2A +/-5%A
Inhibition time0.2 > 1µs

[1] A « sense alim » output is available. To be cabled to the compatible power supplies to take into account to the voltage drop into the E-Fuse, see generic cabling scheme.

[2] The key factor for an electronic Fuse is the switch time from on-state to off-state. A fast response time will be far more important than an accurate limit.

[3] The accuracy of the current measurement is a secondary function of the system. For more precision please use specific equipment.

Maximum ratings

Maximum voltage+/-650V
Maximum isolation between inputs and outputs700V
CW maximum currentThermal protection[1]
Peak maximum current+/- 25A
Maximum voltage for TTL input and output-0.5 / +6V
Maximum operational temperature0/ +40°C
Storage temperature-10 / +70°C

[1] If the e-fuse internal temperature overpasses 70°C, the e-fuse will trip.


NameElement typeFunction
InBNC Female connectorInput voltage to manage (power supply side)
Out (1)BNC Female connectorOuput voltage protected by the E-Fuse
Out (2)BNC Female connectorSecond output for « sense alim » or other use
Imax (+ / -)10 turns potentiometerManual setting of the negative and positive current limits
Err outBNC Female connectorTTL Output, emits pulse when the E-fuse trips.
Err inBNC Female connectorTTL Input, trips the E-fuse at a rising edge.
Trig inBNC Female connectorTTL Input inhibits the E-fuse during a chosen time.
Set / StopRound illuminated pushbutton – RedTrips the E-Fuse. E-fuse is tripped is button is Red
Reset / OkRound illuminated pushbutton – GreenEnable or resent the E-Fuse. E-Fuse is enabled if the button is Green.


– Internal temperature (°C / °F)

– Current measurement (+/-0.2A +/-5%)

– E-Fuse state, last tripping cause

– Values of current limits (+/-0.2A +/-5%)


Rear panel

NameElement typeFunction
AC inConnect. Main power supply – main switch110/220V 50/60Hz
USB (in)Connect. USB type BCommunication E-Fuse / PC
USB (out) x2 [1]Connect. USB type AUSB Output (note 4)

[1] An USB HUB is included in the E-Fuse. Other devices can be connected to the E-fuse.

Package Dimensions

Dimensions width x height x depth:245*145*150mm
Foreign nomenclature:IP31