MC2-Technologies has been created in 2004. Based on the metropolis of Lille, the company is located at a crossroad between Brussels, London and Paris. MC2-Technologies employs 14 people in 2015 and foresees to triple this number in the next three years thanks to a constant growing business.

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The initial core business is the microwave service offering a very affordable and advanced expertise on microwave devices via the characterization, the modelling and the MMIC design. MC2-Technologies soon became a European leader in Microwave characterization with recognized competences. On the top of the GaN research, MC2-Technologies also develops DC-DC characterization and test benches working at thousands of volts to respond to the growing needs of such wide band gap technology.



For several years, the great R&D program followed by MC2-technologies was focused on high sensitive radiometric sensors working up to terahertz frequency range. Several products have been developed and many projects have been settled to lead to the first radiometric imaging systems for security applications (MM-imager). The products based on MM-Imager series allows to detect hidden objects through clothes for all kind of checkpoints and security, mobile or static applications. MC2-Technologies is still innovating to develop imaging systems to see through walls or through packages.

Thanks to the skills developed in the frame of the Service, MC2-Technologies starts R&D programs mainly supported by the French MOD. These new experiences lead to the current portfolio covering a wide range of RF products and applications. True concept of the company, the R&D and prototyping take a great place into the MC2-Technologies work. The MC2-Technologies Experts always push the limits for their clients. Thanks to French and European programs, MC2-Technologies is able to go forward and to improve again and again their products and services.


Whatever your needs, in the frame of Microwave and DC services, ProductsR&D or in security applications, MC2-Technologies team is ready to offer you the best expertise.


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10th anniversary


MC2-Technologies celebrates its 10th anniversary. Thank you for your confidence

Metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors


« The Metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors and Schottky diodes studied with scanning microwave microscopy at 18 GHz » publication, referring to the MC2-Technologies SMM calibration kit, is available here.

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