MC2-Technologies is a center of characterisation, modelling and design of microwave components and systems. The company presents three complementary activities in constant progress since its creation:The first one concerns the microwave characterisation, modelling and design services to private or public companies, the second one is dedicated to the manufacturing of microwave products including characterisation setups, and the last one concerns the development of innovative microwave products for security applications.


  • 01_Ampli_812GHz.jpg
  • 02_Ampli_LNA_75110GHz.jpg
  • 03_Test_set_active_loadpull.jpg
  • 04_Bias_TEE_40GHz.jpg
  • 05_HPA35W812G.JPG
  • 06_Mixer_1540GHz.jpg
  • 07_Pulsed_IV_Systems.jpg
  • 08_Active_loadpull_system_hardware.jpg
  • 09_Active_loadpull_system_soft_circle.jpg
  • 10_Design_circuit.jpg
  • 11_Characterisation_service.jpg
  • 12_MilliCam30_Travers_Mur.jpg
  • 13_MilliCam90.jpg
  • 14_Knife_Gun_Detection.jpg
  • 15_Soft_MilliCam90.jpg
  • 16_Water_bottle_bag.jpg
  • HPA35W812G_n2.png
  • HPA35W812G_n3.png

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